Hair loss isn’t just a man’s issue. Thinning hair can be even more stressful for women. While it’s common for men to lose hair as they age, women are expected to have thick, flowing locks throughout their lives. So why do some women experience thinning hair? The answer often has to do with the thyroid. Thyroid issues are much more common in women than in men, which is why we ask female clients a series of questions:

  • Have you had thyroid issues?

  • If so, is your medication adjusted well?

  • Has thinning hair continued after thyroid treatment?

  • Did your mother have hair loss? What about your father?

Thyroid conditions and their treatment can impact hair loss in women. But because thyroid issues often go undiagnosed—and only a physician can provide an accurate diagnosis—we recommend a physical for some clients, especially if their thinning hair is accompanied by symptoms like fatigue. The earlier women contact us, the better their options are. So if you’re a woman struggling with thinning hair, call today to start seeing a new you tomorrow.

Non-Surgical Women’s Hair Loss Solutions

Custom Women’s Wigs

The options available today for women’s hair loss are amazing.  A fully custom wig can be matched to existing hair to be virtually undetectable.  Our adhesion method for the hair is so effective, you’ll be able to do everything you’d normally do with you own hair, all while boasting a truly natural look.

Hair Systems

Hair systems for women don’t have to frighten you. We will walk you through the process and make it both comfortable and discrete.

Hair replacement with CyberHair

Our featured hair loss solution is called CyberHair®. This cutting-edge hair system can be used as a full wig or as a hair piece, fitting into your current hair to provide a fuller look while maintaining your natural hair. Contact our office to learn more about the exciting results CyberHair can offer you!