About Hair Loss


If you have thinning hair, you’re in good company. Due to genetics and health issues, a significant percentage of the population struggles to retain their hair. Getting to the “root” of the problem, so to speak, requires the expertise of industry veterans like Les Eads.

Thinning hair happens in stages

While there are many different stages of hair loss, it’s possible to prevent future hair loss when you’re in the right hands. Les uses a microscope to evaluate a client’s hair at the shaft, looking for the telltale miniaturization that means a hair is about to fall out. The goal is to disrupt the hormones that are shutting out nutrients to the hair, thus offering it the chance to become healthy again. Without a customized treatment implemented in the early stages of hair loss, people who are biologically predestined to lose their hair almost certainly will.

But there’s good news

Even clients who’ve lost hair will see a dramatic change with CyberHair®. Les has been perfecting the CyberHair® experience for his clients for fifteen years. It’s ideal for both men and women and is superior to any other hair replacement system in almost every way. While preventing hair loss is ideal, CyberHair’s combination of technology and artistry means hair loss clients have a second chance at a full, vibrant head of hair.