Seeing Is Believing!

CyberHair® is different than any other product on the market—and these photos are the proof. CyberHair mimics the look and feel of natural hair. The color doesn’t fade, and we can control the amount of built-in wave so it blends into existing hair better.

Blow dry it. Play sports in it. Swim with it.

It’s just like your natural hair.  Anything you did before you can do now with confidence.

CyberHair is completely customized for each client. Samples of a client’s own hair are used to determine a natural-looking density, color, and more. There’s no guesswork, just science. The final product fits like a glove that’s literary been custom designed just for you, undetectable from your own hair.

The results? Life changing.

Men Before and After Shots

Women Before and After Shots