Thinning hair is like a punch in the gut for men. And once they notice it, they can’t stop noticing it. Self-confidence can plummet, and life becomes an endless fight to keep the hair they have while camouflaging what’s gone.

There ARE options!

It’s exhausting, but what are the options? Many men try hair growth creams (that don’t work), then consider and reject the idea of a toupee. The history of replacement hair isn’t a good one. Not long ago, hair pieces were worn like a hat, and activities like swimming or biking were out of the question. Hair plugs were a slightly better development, though their exorbitant cost made the procedure impossible for many. Then came the shaved head trend, which allowed men with thinning hair to take a bit more control of the process. Yet the problem remained… could anything help men replace lost hair?

The answer is Cyberhair®, the only product that delivers high-quality results at an affordable price.

CyberHair uses superior medical adhesives that take the anxiety out of hair replacement. Now you can go swimming, sky diving—virtually any activity—with complete confidence. Wind and water are no longer an issue because CyberHair doesn’t reveal a stop line on the scalp.

Thousands of men from around the country have experienced CyberHair’s dramatic results, courtesy of Carmel and Michiana Hair Technologies. Are you ready to join them?

Here’s two of our clients telling their own personal stories